What is the Springborough Residents Association?

The Springborough Residents Association (SRA) is a community-run, non-profit organization responsible for the maintenance and beautification of Springborough, and the collection of the annual rent charge per the Encumbrance.

The SRA is separate from the Springbank Hill Community Association (SBHCA). The SBHCA serves all communities on Springbank Hill with leadership of social events, recreational programs, and civic issues, whereas the SRA is solely focused on the operations within the community of Springborough. The two Associations work together to ensure that community concerns are managed effectively.

The SRA is also separate from the West 69th and College Gate Condominium Boards, which are specifically responsible for those condominium properties in Springborough.

Who is a member of the Springborough Residents Association?

Each registered owner of a parcel of land specified in the Springborough Residents Association Encumbrance is a member of the Association.

Who created the Springborough Residents Association?

The Springborough Residents Association was established by the developer of our community, United Acquisition II Corporation. The developer maintained the community common areas on behalf of the Association prior to 2005, at which time they ceded control of the Association to the residents of Springborough.

Who operates the Springborough Residents Association?

The day-to-day operations of the Association are managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. These individuals are Springborough homeowners elected at the annual general meeting of the Association.

What is the annual fee and why is it in effect?

When the Springborough Residents Association was established, an Encumbrance was placed on individual parcels of land (lots) in Springborough for the purpose of securing an annual rent charge (annual fee). Pursuant to the “Land Titles Act”, payment of this annual fee is a legal requirement on the property.

The annual fee pays for the operational, maintenance, and beautification services in the community, such as landscaping and snow removal service of common property areas within Springborough.

Why is the current fee not identical to the original fee on the encumbrance?

The developer established the original fee of $100 per year for single detached homes and $50 for townhomes and condominiums when it formed the Springborough Residents Association in 2003. When the Association was transferred to the community, the initial Board of Directors kept those fees amounts. In 2008, the Board of Directors determined that an increase to the annual fee was required, and it was increased to $125 per year for single detached homes, and $62.50 per year for townhouses and condominiums.  A further increase was approved at the 2013 AGM, and the fee was increased to $175 per year for single detached homes, and $87.50 per year for townhouses and condominiums. With the subsequent discontinuation of snow removal service, the fee has now been reduced to $150 per year for single detached homes, and $75.00 per year for townhouses and condominiums effective 2024.

The community maintenance and beautification efforts by the Association continue to expand. As such, the annual fee is evaluated yearly and is subject to increase in the future if deemed necessary. The amount of the annual fee is recommended by the Board of Directors of the Association and approved at the annual general meeting or a special general meeting of the Association.

When is the annual fee due and what time period does it cover?

The annual fee is due on or before June 29th of each year. It applies for the period of January 1st to December 31st of that year.

What is being done to collect unpaid fees?

The Springborough Residents Association has established a strict policy for collecting unpaid fees. Homeowners who have not paid their fees are sent a statement listing the amounts owing, including interest and collection costs. If payment for outstanding fees is not received, the account is turned over to the Association’s lawyer for collection. Any and all legal costs incurred by the Association to recover the outstanding balances become the responsibility of the homeowner. Failure to pay outstanding balances and legal costs may ultimately lead to foreclosure proceedings on the property.

If I am buying/selling property in Springborough, how do I confirm if the annual fee has been paid?

If you are buying/selling property in Springborough and would like to confirm if the annual fee has been paid, simply contact the President of the Association to inquire.

How is the Springborough Residents Association's budget established?

The budget for the Springborough Residents Association is based upon the operational expenses related to the maintenance and beautification of Springborough. The budget is approved at the annual general meeting, and includes items such as landscaping, insurance, and administrative fees.

Specific detail about the budget is contained in the AGM Presentation.

How often does the Springborough Residents Association Board of Directors meet?

The SRA Board meets 4-6 times per year and communicates on various matters as appropriate between Board meetings.

The meetings are open to all Association members. If you are interested in attending a meeting, please contact us at contact.springborough@gmail.com.

Does the Springborough Residents Association have an annual general meeting?

Yes. The annual general meeting of the Association is a formal requirement of the Association. Notification of an upcoming AGM is sent by mail to the civic address of each residence in Springborough, and is posted on the website. A proxy, to grant voting rights to another individual, is available to any homeowner unable to attend the meeting.

How can I help the Springborough Residents Association?

As an organization run by volunteers, the Association depends on Springborough homeowners to provide the time, expertise, and suggestions that keep Springborough beautiful. Your help is important. If you would like to volunteer, please contact us.