Current Annual Fee

$ 150.00 – Single Detached Homes
$   75.00 – Townhouses* and Condominiums

*Note: The Annual Fee for College Gate Units (27-43 SB Blvd) is included in your Condo fees and paid to the Association by the Property Manager, therefore you do not need to make a payment to the Association.

An Encumbrance on the individual parcels of land (lots) in Springborough is in place to secure an annual rent charge to pay for operational, maintenance, and beautification services in the community.

Pursuant to the “Land Titles Act”, payment of this fee is a legal requirement of ownership. The Springborough Residents Association has established a strict policy for collecting unpaid fees. Invoices are sent in early January to the civic address of each Springborough residence. A reminder notice will be sent with the notice of the annual general meeting (likely mailed in late March/early April). Reminders will also be placed on the website and everyone on the Association’s email distribution will receive email notification. In early July, past due notices are sent to the civic address. If payment is not received, the collection process will be handed over to our legal counsel for further action. Any and all legal costs incurred by the Association to recover the outstanding balances become the responsibility of the homeowner. Failure to pay outstanding balances and legal costs may ultimately lead to foreclosure proceedings on the homeowner’s property.

The annual fee pays for value-added services such as landscaping and snow removal of common property areas within Springborough. The community maintenance and beautification efforts by the Association continue to expand. As such, the annual fee is evaluated yearly, and is subject to increase in the future if deemed necessary. The amount of the annual fee is recommended by the Board of Directors of the Association and approved at the annual general meeting or a special general meeting of the Association.

The annual fee is due on or before June 29th each year, and applies to Jan 1st – Dec 31st of that year.

As approved at the 2013 AGM, the SRA Annual Fee increased to $175 for single detached dwellings, and $87.50 for duplex or multi-family dwelling units.  The Annual Fee has been reduced to $150 for single detached dwellings and $75 for duplex or multi-family dwelling units for 2024.