The Springborough Residents Association is responsible for the year-round maintenance of the common property areas within our community.

In the summer months the Association maintains the grass, tree wells, and flower beds in the green spaces along the pathways, around the tot park, and in the road medians and boulevards.

Other green spaces and pathways are managed by the City of Calgary (ie. the soccer fields and baseball diamond, Springborough Park, Wet Pond), while other areas are maintained by the other establishments in our community (ie. Ambrose University College, Springborough Professional Centre, Calgary Board of Education).

The map to the right shows the areas maintained by the Springborough Residents Association.

The funding for all Association landscaping services is provided by the annual fees. Due to high costs of these services, a regular review and evaluation of rates and service levels is done. The current landscaping services provider for the Association is Foothills Landscaping.

For any Springborough landscaping questions or concerns, please email

Numerous trees in Springborough are showing signs of Black Knot and Fire Blight. Click here for important information on these two diseases to help determine if trees on your property are affected.

The Springborough Residents Association (SRA) contracted Precise Pruning Ltd to provide arbour care throughout our community as an enhancement to the landscaping service. The trees along the medians and boulevards are City owned trees and we are not permitted to maintain them. However, the SRA has pruned the trees planted by the developer along the pathways (in the right-of-way access of homes bordering the pathway along Springborough Way and Point) and in the small park in our community (south of the traffic circle). These trees were in need of general pruning with many trees exhibiting signs of Black Knot or Fire Blight so pruning was required to rid the trees of this disease and enhance their long-term survival. Trees that are beyond rehabilitation were removed, the stump will be grinded, and the tree well will be sodded over.

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