Pay your annual fee by credit card directly to the Springborough Residents Association account via PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to do so.

Payment Form

Choose Street Address
House Number or Apartment Unit Number (numbers only, no symbols)

NOTE: If PayPal generates an error message when you attempt to make a payment (ie. cookies issue), please contact the Springborough Residents Association for an alternate link to PayPal to make your payment.

 Terms and Conditions:

By making a payment on PayPal, you agree to provide contact details including the property address to which the payment applies. Separate payments are required if you are making a payment for multiple properties; if separate payments are not made, the Association may apply the payment as the Association, at its sole discretion, considers appropriate. Any payment received by the Association is applied to the oldest charges on your account.

If your account has been sent to the Association’s legal counsel (Richard John, Bridgeland Law, 403-205-3949) for collection actions, you cannot use PayPal as payment must be sent to Bridgeland Law per the correspondence you received. If you make a payment via PayPal, the Association will first use the payment to pay the legal expenses associated with the collection action. If the payment does not eliminate the balance owing, legal counsel will continue the collection action at the expense of the homeowner.

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